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Photo caption: BCP Board members Bob Williamson and Ron Gunderson stand by the roadside which has been recently added to the Adopt-a-Highway program. BCP wants your group or business to also consider adopting a roadside!
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Berkeley Community Pride Joins Adopt-a-Highway program

In support of the West Virginia Adopt-a-Highway program, Berkeley Community Pride (BCP) recently completed the adoption of two miles of roadside. BCP’s roads start at Route 9 West and Harlan Springs Road, to Caperton Blvd, and Caperton back on GM Access Road to Route 9.

Under a new initiative, BCP is encouraging local businesses, civic groups, and local agencies to consider adopting a local roadside to address the pressing issue of litter. Beside the obvious negative visual impact of litter, the accumulated trash also poses a hazard to water resources as toxic materials seep into the groundwater. In addition, wildlife is attracted to the litter which creates a hazard to vehicular traffic. From an economic development perspective, the appearance of litter along the roadways sends the negative message that this is a community which doesn’t care. In actuality, BCP believes that the community has many very concerned and involved citizens and that only a few irresponsible and reckless persons create the problem.

BCP is working for both litter reduction and increased enforcement of existing litter laws. Please consider the Adopt-a-Highway program. Under the present program a roadside or a smaller portion of a roadside may be adopted. Information on the guidelines is available on the
DEP web site. Contact Anna Shahan, our local state coordinator, at today to find out how your business or group can sign up!